Workplace mediation solutions and conflict management

The CBI estimate that the cost of workplace conflict is £33bn in the UK and that a typical manager spends the equivalent of 20% (one day per week) dealing with workplace conflict. What does that mean for your business?

Taw Mediation creates a safe space and place for managers and employees to explore the disagreements in a confidential manner with the aim of restoring working relationships thereby reducing anxiety, preventing legal intervention and enhancing employee engagement. Taw Mediation works with all parties to look for solutions, helping them think through how they would like things to be in future.

 In addition Taw Mediation works with individuals and teams in organisations to understand approaches to dealing with conflict; that there are different styles which we can master to be proficient in handling the range of conflicts.


People go to work with diverse beliefs, histories, needs and aspirations. Not surprisingly disagreements arise whether from personality clashes, grievances, lack of trust, lack of communication, lack of respect, pressure to perform, or different styles of working.